The Department of Commerce has its existence since 1970. Over the past four decades,the department has produced tens of thousands of commerce and finance professionals who are presently serving in leading corporate houses across India and abroad as well.

The department while bringing innovations in its existing courses hasalso introduced number of new courses based on market demand. In furtherance to this objective, the department quite recently launched a  super-specialized course in financegiven the unprecedented changes that took place due to recent  financial sector reforms in the country. These reforms among other things entailed a much needed transition frominterventionist approach to market based mechanism that resulted inchange in the composition and structure of the financial sector of thecountry. As a consequence of these reforms, the corporate finance ischanging from domestic funding to international funding; investment management from pure equity domain to debt  driven market to complex derivates’ products, outcry trading system has been replaced by on-line trading system; besides,  financial services are expanding their horizon to meet the changing requirements of different participants in the

One of the remarkable implications of these developments has been theneed for creating the human resource that would cater to therequirements of the companies that aspire to make a mark in the new dispensation. The human resource that can take up the challengingresponsibilities in the financial sector with peculiar analytical and conceptual skills in the areas like Financial Services, Investment Management, Security Analysis etc. therefore, deserved bold initiatives from the academic and professional institutes of the country for preparing its posterity to meet the changing requirements of the financial sector. It is in view of this changing scenario, the Department being conscious of its role makes all out efforts in building the new cadre of financeand commerce professionals having intellectual maturity, sense ofpurpose and ethical behavior and integrity.

The educational pedagogy of the two programmes offered by the department emphasize on conceptualunderstanding of the subjects, development of technical, and soft skills in student besides exposing them to the practical business realities within and outside the state. Infact, the multipoint contact with the industry is the hallmark of these courses which provide our students  first hand exposure tothe real business world.

I take pleasure in stating that many of our M.Com students havebeen  placed with the reputed companies across the country includingReserve Bank of India, Multi-Commodity Exchange, Clearing Corporationof India Ltd, UTI, BOI, HDFC, JK Bank, IDBI, Alok Industries, EssarSteel, Bajaj Alianz, Reliance Insurance etc. to name a few.

I feel privileged in affirming that our M.Com  have the dynamic leadership qualities in delivering in their chosen areas ofspecializations.
I wish all the M.Com students a grand success.

Head of Department

Prof. S.M. Shafi
Head Of Department