The final placement of first three batches has a robust beginning with rigorous education and training at the department for the last four years spanning four semesters coupled with an internship programme (inclusive of a comprehensive project report), our first & second batches of MFCians are receiving handsome job offers with attractive packages. Four of the students have been placed with HDFC bank. A number of students have standing offers from companies like Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), Essar Steel, Alok Industries, MetLife Insurance India Ltd., Bajaj Allianz our 32 students have already been absorbed against Financial Executives positions in JK Bank Ltd. Following the visits of the top notch officers of JK Bank during the last couple of years wherein they had fruitful interactions with the first 3 batches of MFC students, the JK Bank has a special recruiting considerations for our MFCians in view of their study knowledge base in the area of finance besides tremendous practical exposure of the things. As mentioned above the majority of our students have standing offer for their final placement from the same leading financial institution besides HDFC, IDBI, Reliance Insurance etc. However we eagerly look forward the final placement of our remaining MFCians in the above mentioned prestigious financial institutions where they have successfully carried out their internship projects on various aspects of finance relevant to the requirements of these companies. Presently our MFC & M.Com students are recruited the well reputed organizations ones like, earnest & young , Axis Bank, JKEDI, JKPDC, JK Bank Reliance insurance Co, MetLife Insurance, Bajaj Allianz, L.I.C., Meezan Bank Dubai HDFC Bank, Wipro, etc.


The Department also enjoys an impeccable record with regard to final placement of its students in particular MFC students. It is worthwhile to mention here that nearly 90% of the students of 1st batch of MFC programme who have graduated in October, 2007 only, have been recruited by some of the leading companies of the country immediately after having completed their degree. These companies include as under:

·         HDFC Bank Ltd.

·         J&K Bank Ltd.

·         ICICI Prudentials

·         Axis Bank

·         Rehmat Spices

·         GE-Money, Finance Services, Ltd.

·         Reliance Insurance Ltd.

·         APT

·         MetLife Insurance

·         Anand Rathi, A Multi Brokerage House

In 2007 the Department was visited for campus recruitment by companies like, WIZKID, GENPACT, REHMAT SPICES and HDFC Bank, Reliance Life Insurance, Tribe-21, Ananth Rathi- a multi-brokerage house. Good number of companies have expressed their desire to visit our Department for campus recruitment. Some of these notable companies include, IDBI, Bajaj Allianz, STCI, Motilal Oswal Financial Services.

Dissertation / Project Report

Each graduate is required to perform project work related to his area of specialization. The project study is the means by which the students show their ability to synthesize the range of knowledge and skill to provide a practical and viable solution to a problem. Students are judged on their ability to meet deadlines, to carry out critical evaluation, to write logically and concisely, draw valid conclusions and make meaningful recommendations. The project work is carried out in the 3rd Semester of the programme. The dissertation project report is subsequently assessed by the internal as well as external examiners.